Ready to soar like a bird from tree to tree in a rain forest? Come with us on an amazing and breath taking adventure getaway to the cool hills of Lethe…


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    GREENWOOD GREAT HOUSE (Pass by without stopping): The Greenwood Great House (Plantation home) was constructed in the early 18th Century. Like most, if not all the other Great Houses in Jamaica, the Greenwood Great House was built at high elevation. One could say that this was a strategy used back in the plantation era as a means of overlooking the plantation and also for security purposes. This house, unlike the Rose Hall Great House, is not haunted but of a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The history and the architecture of the house is what will blow you away. As you pass by, feel free to take photos when your tour guide slows down.

    ROSE HALL GREAT HOUSE (Pass by without stopping): This Rose Hall Great House is an early 18th century plantation home that sits on a high elevation on thousands of acres in Rose Hall, Montego Bay. The Rose Hall Great House was once owned by the famous and certainly one of the wickedest plantation owners to walk the land of Jamaica, Annie Palmer. She owned hundreds of slaves. This house became haunted after her gruesome death in 1831. The house is scary to look at even in the daytime. There is no stop at the Rose Hall Great House on your way to Negril however, your tour guide will tell you the history and slow down so that you can take photos.

    THE AMAZING ZIPLINE CANOPY ADVENTURE: Ready to soar like a bird from tree to tree in a rainforest? Come with us on an amazing and breathtaking adventure getaway to the cool Lethe Valley to experience the thrill of the Caribbean. Lethe is located between the green hills of Hanover & Saint James. This provides the perfect opportunity to operate the longest zipline canopy in the Caribbean. There are 5 lines to cover, varies in length from 250′ to the amazing 1,600′ Big Timba. See what the birds see and feel as they glide in the winds. You get a bird’s-eye view of the rain forest and the fresh, clean Great river that runs parallel to the forest. As you zip your way from one platform to the next, you marvel as you view the scenery that can’t be viewed from the ground. You will be in awe as you zip your way through the trees and the lush green vegetation at speeds of up to 40mph.


    SAM SHARP SQUARE: This tour takes you to downtown Montego Bay. Your first 10 minutes stop will be at Sam Sharp Square. This area got its name from a freed slave who carried the same name and who led one of the bloodiest uprising in Jamaica on Christmas day in the year 1831. In this area, there is a statue of Sam Sharp and other slaves who were severely punished in the year 1832 for the Christmas day uprising that took place. Feel free to exit the vehicle and browse around. There is also the “Cage” which was originally constructed from wood in the year 1806. However, it was later reconstructed from bricks. The cage was used as a holding area for runaway Slaves who were held there until they were sent back to their plantations. It was also used as a holding area for vagrants and rowdy seamen who would get drunk and was behaving disorderly.

    SAINT JAMES PARISH CHURCH: The tour will continue to the St., James Parish Church for a 30 minutes visit. This Anglican Church, built in 1775 is one of the oldest churches in the Montego Bay area. It boasts an amazing architecture and some of the contents ranging back from as far as over 200 years ago. Built to last for centuries, this church is still fully functional as back in the days when it was first constructed. Be sure to read the marble plaques and headstones that displays an array of exquisite poems well wishes written in old English. Feel free to browse around and read the headstones. The church will always accept a contribution at your pleasure.

    RICHMOND HILL GREAT HOUSE: Our next stop will be at the elegant Richmond Hill Great House. This colonial style Great House is located 500 feet above the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay City. Built in 1804 by members of the Dewar family, original owners of the Dewars Whisky. This Great House sits strategically on top of a hill in the center of town and is home to several movie scenes including James Bond Movies. From there, you get a panoramic view of the entire city of Montego Bay. The view stretches over 25 miles (40.23 meters) beyond. Relax by the pool for a moment or just sit by the bar and have a cold red stripe (extra cost). Your tour guide will tell you all about the rich history of Richmond Hill Great House while doing your walk through. After a 30 minutes stop it will be time to head out to do Hip Strip craft shopping.

    MONTEGO BAY HIP STRIP: The Montego Bay Hip Strip is one of the most active souvenir shopping areas you will find in Jamaica. There is also Duty Free Shopping, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Starbucks, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, Harley Davidson Jamaica, just to name a few of the popular spots. On the Hip Strip you can also find elegant dining and authentic jerk chicken eateries. Most visitors to Montego Bay find the Hip Strip very convenient because of its varieties.

    LUNCH AT SCOTCHIES: Scotchies Outdoor Garden Restaurant is undoubtedly the best jerk chicken and pork spots you can find anywhere. We recommend that you cap off your day’s activities with a stop for the ultimate jerk experience at Scotchies. The food is prepared with the whole family in mind so even the children can take advantage of this amazing experience of tender juicy pork and succulent chicken with festival. Steamed vegetable is also available for non-meat eaters. Don’t forget to challenge the homemade Scotchies specialty hot sauce made from local sun ripened Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Lunch extra cost.


    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Local Hotel or Cruise Ship Pier
    DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 1 hours before scheduled time.
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    Transportation Professional guide
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    Explore Jamaica’s Lethe hills by zipline. During this 7-hour guided eco-adventure, get a chance to fly down the longest zipline in the Caribbean, the Big Timba at 1,600 feet (487 meters). Enjoy spectacular views of the forest canopy and the surrounding landscape. Zip through the jungle, spotting native flora and fauna along the way. Round-trip transportation from the cruise port in Falmouth is included.

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