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We are SNL Jamaican Tours Limited. A fully licensed, insured and certified transportation and tour company borne out of a desire to share our island home with those who are always seeking adventure. Our company is built around each and every one of our guests and with each tour we always aim to ensure that you are catered to based on your travel preferences, needs and more!


With almost 15 years of unmatched expertise and professional service under our belts, we are committed to going above and beyond to deliver a service that will ensure your comfort and satisfaction each time you book a tour with us.


Additionally, our team is full of friendly drivers and tour guides who are trained, certified and thoroughly educated on all aspects of Jamaica and the culture therein and will ensure that your tour provides you and yours with the most authentic Jamaican experiences every time.


At SNL Jamaican Tours Limited we go above and beyond to exceed your expectation because we know that once you travel with us, there are no other services around that will compare!

Not the biggest but simply the best!

Lindsay McFarlane

Lindsay is the Owner and Managing Director of SNL Jamaican Tours. He is passionate about all things Jamaica and is always eager to share the Jamaican experience and the islands history with his guests. Feel free to contact Lindsay at any time with your questions, queries or requests about our services.

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Natalia McFarlane

Natalia is the Operations Manager at SNL Jamaican Tours and she plays a vital role in ensuring that our day-to-day operations run smoothly. Chances are if you’ve called us, you’ve been greeted by the ever-enthusiastic Natalia! Feel free to contact Natalia for all inquiries about our tours including bookings, cancellations, changes and more!

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